At AES, we thrive on giving our customers a great experience through their journey with us. This is why we offer Training & Support services to all our clients to ensure they have complete piece of mind in case of any issues arising with Excel, whether this is just an issue with an Excel system they designed in-house or an issue after we deliver a solution to them. We offer continued support to ensure all customers understand they are never alone. We also offer training services.

AES Professional Excel Training Services

We specialise in providing professional training services to clients who want to enhance their own in-house skill set. Excel is a complex system in which there are many functions businesses can employ to their advantage. But there are instances where certain programming/VBA tools are not exploited efficiently due to the shortage of skills within the current workplace. At AES, we have a specialist team who can arrange to provide individual training or even class room training facilities to those who wish for their colleagues to develop their skills which they can utilise internally.

We insist on businesses to assess their current performance on Excel and see whether they are reaping in the full benefits or if their current systems are causing them to waste a lot of time and man effort in repetitive manual processes whereas these could be automated to save the company a lot of time, money and stress.

Whether you are a beginner at Excel or an expert, we provide a tailored approach to our training. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help and aid in improving the skill-sets to ensure a better return on your Excel systems.

AES Excel Support

Our team of Excel Specialists provide support at all levels for those who need assistance. Whether this is a case of just assistance that is required and no further services from us, or a case of a new Excel system design or even after sales support, we got it all covered. Our team consists of friendly consultants who have years of experience dealing with various industries therefore have the required skill-set to ensure we have everything covered and can offer support at all levels. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you.