Data has been used to reveal understandings into different business areas to help make important business decisions that can ultimately influence how well a business does. In the modern world this has never been more crucial, so optimising huge amounts of data in a matter of seconds is now a priceless strength for anyone. 

Data reporting indicates how much a business appreciates their own internal processes, goals and objectives and they can assess how this data can be used to give a sense of direction on where the company should go next.  Business decisions are what drive a company to move forward, so we believe being able to report and interpret data correctly and efficiently is a necessity, as otherwise it would be difficult to identify strengths or weaknesses to direct the business into a positive situation.


Microsoft Excel and its spreadsheets have been available to businesses for almost three decades and has always proven to be a tool which every single business employs. The system has been gradually altered in parallel to the dynamic changes of today’s environments  to keep up with the business needs and the increase on data due to businesses growing their activities. Excel can be a powerful strategic weapon for a business and can as mentioned above, shape the direction of success.


Management reporting is a process in which companies can utilise raw data to use to their internal advantage to make informed strategic decisions. Company’s can derive any bit of data they require from a management perspective, therefore allowing them to collate, review and proceed accordingly.


An example of a management report could be simply a business using data which they gather to understand clientele behaviour in order to assess how certain behaviours can be influenced to maximise business efficiency (profit/benefits). This is an example of various types of reports Advanced Excel Solutions can design and develop for you.